Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chapters 1-11 assignments are ready!

More new  assignments are ready! After you've read each chapter click on the chapter page, read the assignment, and add your comment to earn certification points.  Read carefully, there are some great BONUS POINTS available on certain chapters!

Remember, you can join this book club at any time! So don't worry if you are just coming for the first time. Click on Chapter 1 and get started.

Don't forget to post your questions on the Questions Page, and check out the great WBT Resources available as well.

Current assignments are:
Chapter 1/2: Intro and Origin,
Chapter 3: Seven Common Teaching Mistakes,
Chapter 4: Charting Progress,
Chapter 5: The Brain on Whole Brain Teaching, and
Chapter 6: Class-Yes

Chapter 7:Five, Powerful Classroom Rules
Chapter 8-10: Teach-Okay 
Chapter 11: Scoreboard