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Chapter 6: Class/Yes (continued)

Get ready for some quick WBT Certification Points! Invent 10 variations on class-yes!

Pages 27-30
Full credit: 25 WBT Certification Points 
Partial credit: 10 WBT Certification Points
Bonus: 10 WBT Certification Points for 15 variations on class-yes!

Reminder: Please sign your post with your real first and last name. 

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  1. 1.Ahoy, Class! – Ahoy, Yes!
    2.Best 2nd grade, Oh Class! - Best 2nd grade, Oh Yes!
    3.Pencils up, Class! - Pencils up, Yes! (Whole class lifts pencils in the air)
    4.Chugga, Chugga, Class! - Choo, Choo, Yes! (Students tug on the imaginary horn)
    5.North, East, South, West, Class! - North, East, South, West, Yes! (This made learning the compass rose fun!)
    6.100, 200, 300, Class! - 400, 500, 600, Yes! (We do a lot of skip counting)
    7.You got it going on, Class! – We got it going on, Yes!
    8.It’s raining, Class! - We’re not snoring, Yes! (Lots of rain in Florida)
    9.Cheerio, Class! - Cheerio, Yes!
    10.Bah dah bah bah bah, Class! - I'm Lovin it, Yes! (At the beginning of the year, Our class voted Mcdonalds as favorite fast food.)

    1. Brandi,
      What fun! Here are 25 certification points!

  2. I have to preface this by saying that I am a speech therapist. Therefore, I made some of my class-yes’s speech related with the purpose of stimulating ranges of oral motor movements and facilitating sounds that we work on.

    1. Oh speech class! – Oh speech yes!
    2. Class classikins! – Yes yessikins!
    3. Classy class class! – Yessy yes yes!
    4. Class pop pop! – Yes pop pop!
    5. Class big wide mouth! – Yes! (students open mouth big and wide and then close it)
    6. Class oooh eeee aaah ummm! – Yes oooh eeee aaah ummm!
    7. Class class hiss! – Yes yes! (makes hissing /s/ sound)
    8. Oh happy class class! – Oh happy yes yes!
    9. Classity pirates! – Yesity arrrgh!
    10. Okay class! – Okay yes!
    11. Class tickle tickle! – Yes tickle tickle!
    12. Hey giggly class! – Hey giggly yes!
    13. Jolly oh class class! – Jolly oh yes yes!
    14. Class class tongue lifters! – Yes yes! (students lift tongue to roof of mouth and makes the /l/ sound)
    15. Straight and tall class class! – Straight and tall yes yes! (class sits up straight and tall using strong posture)

    Michelle Fernandez

    1. Michelle,
      Great job connecting these with your specific purpose! Here are 25 certification points!

    2. Do I get the extra 10 bonus points for coming up with 15 variations?

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    4. Yes! Sorry! Here are your 10 extra points!

  3. 1. Class Class Yoo Hoo Yoo Hoo Yes Yes Yoo Hoo Yoo Hoo
    2. Class Class Ding Dong Ding Dong Yes Yes Ding Dong Ding Dong
    3. Classssssssssssss Yessssssssssssss
    4. Class Class Whoop Whoop Yes Yes Whoop Whoop
    5. Class Class Meow Meow Yes Yes Meow Meow
    6. Class Class Ribbit Ribbit Yes Yes Ribbit Ribbit
    7. Class Class Honk Honk Yes Yes Honk Honk
    8. Class Class Shooop Shooop Yes Yes Shooop Shooop
    9. Class Class Having Fun? Having Fun? Yes Yes I am I am
    10. Class Class Engage Your Brain Yes Yes Engage Your Brain
    11. ¡La Clase! ¡La Clase! ¡Si! ¡Si!
    12. Classis! Classis! Immo! Immo!

    Steve Sublett

    1. Steve,
      Nice job! It helps to make sure that you make your Class/Yes as short and quick as you can! Here are 25 certification points!

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  5. 1. Classly classly class! Yesly yesly yes!
    2. Super duper class! Super duper yes!
    3. Clase Clase Clase! Si, si, si!
    4. Shockaboom boom class! Shockaboom boom yes!
    5. Class ready for a touchdown?! Yes, ready to score! (My classroom this year is sport themed.)
    6. Class I need a player! Yes put me in coach!
    7. Where’s my team class?! Here’s your team yes!
    8. Are you in the game class? Yes we’re ready to play!
    9. Woot woot class! Woot woot yes!
    10. Raise the roof class! Raise the roof yes! (Have hands raised towards the ceiling.)

    Liz Cheney

  6. 1. "Alphabet" Apple Class--Banana Yes
    2. "Synonyms" Ecstatic Class--Happy Yes
    3. "Antonyms" Up Class---Down Yes (class stands up/class sits down)
    4. "Multiplication Facts" Class 6 x 7---42 Yes!
    5. "Parts of Speech" Class Boy---Noun Yes
    6. Whisper Class--whisper yes
    7. (Spanish) Mi Clase--Si!
    8. (French) Classe--Oui
    9. "Holiday" Class Boo Hoo--Yes to You
    10. Class Thumbs UP--Yes UP!
    11. Class Ready--Yes let's GO
    12. Class Super--Yes Duper
    13. Classy, clap, clap--Yessy, snap, snap
    14. Class Forward Ho--Yes Ho Ho Ho
    15. Class Pumped?--Yes Pumped UP!

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    2. Deborah,
      Great job! I like the foreign language ones! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus

  7. Classity, Class (cross arms and snap to Adam's family tune)--Yessity, yes(cross arms and snap)
    Classy, Classy, Classy--Yessy, yessy, yessy (We like to move it, move it tune)
    Oh My Class--Oh My Yes
    C-L-A-S-S, Class--Y-E-S, Yes
    5th Grade Class--5th Grade Yes
    Oh September Class--Oh September Yes
    Sweet, Dear, Class--Sweet, Dear, Yes
    Quack, Quack Class--Quack, Quack, Yes
    Bippity, Boppity, Boop Class---Bippity, Boppity, Boop, Yes
    Jingle, Jingle, Class--Jingle, Jingle, Yes
    Pleasant Grove Class--Pleasant Grove Yes
    Road Runner, Meep, Meep, Yes--Road Runner, Meep, Meep, yes
    Woo Hoo Class--Woo Hoo Yes
    C -stomp L-stomp A-stomp S-stomp S-stomp--Y-stomp-E-stomp S-stomp
    Let's Lean Class--Let's Learn Yes

    Lori Crigler

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    2. Lori,
      You have some great ideas! Remember, the faster the Class/Yes, the more effective it is. Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus

  8. 1.Class meister yes meister
    2.Om class om yes

    After a unit study of Charlotte’s Web:

    3. Salutations class salutations yes
    4.Wilbur class pig yes
    5.Charlotte class spider yes
    6. Fern class girl yes
    ( continue with all the characters)

    With hand motions

    7. Sharky class (one hand slicing through the air) sharky yes
    8. Blue Angels class (hands flying through the air) Blue Angels Yes
    9. Surfs up class (both hands making a wave) surf’s up yes
    10. Nice to meet you class (pretending to shake hands) nice to meet you yes

    Study of parts of speech

    11. Class verbs Yes action
    12. Class nouns Yes person place or thing
    14. Class adjectives Yes describe

    15 CLASS Class Class (loud to a whisper) YES Yes yes

    Anne Corrigan

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    2. Anne,
      Wonderful job! I love the novel unit reference. *On the hand motions, make sure they know to have their hands down and clasped on their desk as soon as they say yes. (See Coach B's Shorty YouTube video #2 for an example). Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus

  9. 1. Oh my class! Oh my yes!

    2. Sweet little class! Sweet little yes!

    3. Howdy there, class! Howdy there, yes! (Cowboy/girl voice)

    4. Class (clap) class class! Yes (clap) yes yes!

    5. Classy, classy, classy! Yessy, yessy, yessy! (High-pitched voice)

    6.Where, oh, where is my class? Where, oh, where is my yes?

    7. Bring it on in class! Bring it on in yes!

    8. My faaantastic class! My faaantastic yes! (Making the fan motion from our class cheer)

    9. Super duper awesome class! Super duper awesome yes!

    10. Scrumdiddlyumptious class! Scrumdiddlyumptious yes! (This goes along with our PTA theme of Willy Wonka!)

    11. Road Runner class! Meep meep yes! (Our school’s mascot)

    12. Can I get a class, class? Can I get a yes, yes?

    13. Hey, hey (pause) class, class, class! Hey, hey (pause) yes, yes, yes! (Sung to *NSync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye”)

    14. Whoop whoop class! Whoop whoop yes! (Low voice)

    15. I neeeeed my class! I neeeeed my yes! (Begging voice and shaking hands)

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    2. Just curious...but doesn't it say at the top that you get 10 extra points for 15 variations, not 5 ?

    3. Meghan,
      You have a wonderful variety of choices for Class/Yes! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  10. 1. Best Class! Best Yes!
    2. Cl -a -a -a -a -a -ass! Ye -e -e -e -e -e -es! (sung to "me me me me me me me" vocal warm up)
    3. Whoop, whoop, class! Whoop, whoop, yes!
    4. We are the best class! We are the best yes!
    5. War Eagle Class! War Eagle Yes!
    6. Shhhhhh, Class! Shhhhhhh, yes! (very softly)
    7. Class Boom! Yes Boom! (very loudly)
    8. Classity Class Class! Yessity Yes Yes!
    9. This class rocks! This class yes!
    10. Clase! Si! (Spanish)
    11. Roadrunner Class! Roadrunner yes! (our school mascot is the roadrunner)
    12. Beep beep class! Beep beep yes!
    13. Class-a-doodle-do! Yes-a-doodle-do!
    14. Brains on class! Brains on yes!
    15. Listening class! Listening yes!
    16. Class! Yes! (in high operatic voice, in low gravelly voice, in scary monster voice, in weird robotic voice, in country voice, in stuck-up girl voice, in Mickey Mouse voice, etc. These are the most fun!)

    Kristi Suarez

    1. Kristi,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  11. For the music class:
    So-Mi-So,So-Mi Class / So-Mi-So,So-Mi Yes
    Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So Class/ Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So Yes
    Yo-de-lay-dee-hoo Class / Yo-de-lay-dee-hoo Yes
    Here we go Looby Loo class! / Here we go Looby lay yes!
    Oh! Say can you see class / by the dawn’s early light yes

    (Practicing dynamics - Hands start close together to show soft and end up far apart for loud.)
    Teacher getting louder: class, class, class, CLASS! / yes, yes, yes, YES!
    Teacher starts loud and gets softer, hand come together: CLASS, class, class, shhhh / YES, yes, yes, shhh
    Forte class / loud yes
    Piano class / soft yes

    (Music rhythmic notation and counting syllables)
    Ta, ta, ti-ti, ta class / Ta, ta, ti-ti, ta Yes
    Quarter note class/ 1 beat yes
    Half note class/ 2 beats yes
    Dotted-half note class / 3 beats yes
    Whole note class / 4 beats yes

    (Instrument Families)
    For K-2 pretend to play each instrument named
    Violin class / violin yes
    Trumpet class / trumpet yes
    For K-3, teacher names an instrument and students respond with the instrument family
    Class, class, flute / yes, yes, woodwind
    Tru, Tru, Trumpet class / Bra, Bra, Brass yes
    Boom, Boom, Bass Drum Class / Boom, Boom, Percussion yes
    Strum, Strum your guitar class / strum, strum your strings yes

    -Kimberly Gandrup

    1. Kimberly,
      Great ways to connect with music! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  12. 1. Classity Class - Yessity Yes
    2. C L A S S (as a cheer) - Y E S
    3. Class Gibson - Yes Team
    4. Class, do right today - Yes, we will
    5. Class, what a beautiful day1 - Yes, it is lovely!
    6. Clap 5 times for class - Clap 3 times for Yes
    7. Class of Champions - Yes, we are champions!
    8. Team Class - Yes Coach
    10. Class (sergeant's voice) - Yes (soldier's voice)
    11. Class (like a mouse) - Yes (like a mouse)
    12. BABABABA Class - BABABABA Yes
    13. Class Reading - Yes Reading
    14. Class Math - Yes Math
    15. We have microphones, so I quietly say "Class" - respond quietly "Yes"

    1. Cathy,
      You have a nice variety here! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  13. 1.) Classity, class, class - Yessity, yes, yes
    2.) Clap 2 times or tap hands on desks two time in the tune of "We Will Rock You" then say class. They do the same and respond yes.
    (ex.- tap,tap,class - tap,tap,yes
    3.)Hellooooooooo classssss - Hellooooooooo yessssss
    4.)Whoomp there it is class! - Whoomp there it is yes!
    5.)Holla back class class! -- Holla back yes yes!
    6.)Class - Yes (whisper voice first, medium voice next, louder voice last)
    7.)R-E-S-P-E-C-T class - R-E-S-P-E-C-T yes **clap hands once as I say class and students will clap once as they respond yes**
    8.)Booyah yah classsssss - Booyah yah yessssssss
    9.)Clickity class class -- Clickity yes yes
    10.)Boom shaka-laka class --- Boom shaka-laka yes

    Karlyn Davis

    1. Karlyn,
      You have some fun ideas! Here are 25 certification points!

  14. Each one in its own high or low pitched, singsong or regular speaking voice.

    Awesome Class- Awesome Yes
    Beautiful Class-Beautiful Yes
    Cool Class-Cool Yes
    Dependable Class-Dependable Yes
    Excellent Class-Excellent Yes
    Fantastic Class-Fantastic Yes
    Generous Class-Generous Yes
    Happy Class-Happy Yes
    Incredible Class-Incredible Yes
    Jazzy Class-Jazzy Yes
    Kind Class-Kind Yes
    Lovable Class-Lovable Yes
    My Favorite Class-My favorite Yes
    Nicest Class-Nicest Yes
    Outstanding Class-Outstanding Yes
    Perfect Class -Perfect Yes
    Quick Class-Quick Yes
    Respectful Class-Respectful Yes
    Smart Class-Smart Yes
    Terrific Class-Terrific Yes
    Ultimate Class-Ultimate Yes
    Vivacious Class-Vivacious Yes
    Wonderful Class-Wonderful Yes
    Xeptional Class- Xeptional Yes
    Yummy Class-Yummy Yes
    Zany Class-Zany Yes

    Rivky Greenberger

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    2. Rivky,
      These are nice and quick (very effective!) Did you mean exceptional class (xeptional)? Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  15. 1. Class, Class, Class- Yes, Yes, Yes to the tune of the Adams’ Family
    2. Class, Yodel – Yes, Yodel
    3. Class, Class, Class- Yes, Yes, Yes to the tune of the Beatles’ She Loves You
    4. Class (gator chomp)- Yes (gator chomp)
    5. Hola, Class, Class, Class- Hola, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown
    6. Class 1,2,3 eyes on me-Yes 1,2, eyes on you
    7. Class fish and chips-yes fish and chips
    8. Ooooo Class Class- Ooooo Yes Yes
    9. Let’s Go Class, Class- Let’s Go Yes, Yes
    10. Class, clap, clap, clap-Yes, clap, clap, clap
    11. Buenos Dias My Wonderful Class- Buenos Dias Our Wonderful Teacher
    12. The Best Class Ever- The Best Yes Ever
    13. You Are My Best Class- My Only Best Yes ( to the tune of You Are My Sunshine)

    1. Irish,
      This is a fun variety! I like #3! Here are 25 certification points and a 5 point bonus for the extra 3 you did.

  16. 1. Oh ,classy--Oh, yessy.
    2. Oh, classer--Oh. Yesser
    3. Oh , classup--Oh, yessup
    4. Oh, classiest--Oh, Yessiest
    5. Oh, classing--Oh, yessing
    6. Oh, silly class--Oh, silly yes
    7. Oh, happy class--Oh, happy yes
    8. Oh, claaaasssss--Oh, yessssss
    9. Oh, (clap) class--Oh, (clap) yes
    10. Oh,(snap) class--Oh,(snap) yes

    11. Class, class—Yes, yes
    12. Moo, class—Moo, yes
    13. Quack, class—Class, yes
    14. Bark, class—Bark, yes
    15. Meow, class—Meow, yes

    Lander Murphy

    1. Lander,
      Great job! Here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  17. 1. We will, we will…class - Rock you, yes!
    2. Classity class - yessity yes!
    3. Peanut, peanut butter, class - And jelly, yes!
    4. You got it, class? - We got it, yes!
    5. Class, class, class – Yes, yes, yes!
    6. S-U-C-C-E-S-S, class – Spells Success, Yes!
    7. Who’s ready, class? – I’m ready, yes!
    8. Class, you got this? – Yes, we got this!
    9. Yoo hoo, class – Yoo hoo, yes!
    10. Wave your hands in the air, class – like you just don’t care, yes!
    11. One, two, class – Look at you, yes!
    12. Yee haw, class! – Yee haw, yes!
    13. Where, class? – Here, yes!
    14. 3 “S” Line, class? – 3 “S“ line, yes! (use outside when they’re in a line)
    15. Good morning, class – Good morning, yes!

    Jackie Rabin

    1. Jackie,
      Nice work! here are 25 certification points and a 10 point bonus!

  18. 1. "Class class class" -sung to the tune of Barney's "I love you, you love me" Class sings back: "Yes yes yes"
    2. What's up, class? What's up, yes?
    3. "2, 4, class!" "6, 8, yes!" (skip counting practice- you can use any numbers!)
    4. "First number, class" "Short hand, yes!" (telling time practice)
    5. "Quarter after, class" "15, yes!" (to remember equivalent time names)
    6. "Quarter til, class" "45, yes!" (see above)
    7. Hocus pocus class! We are focused yes!
    8. "Class class class class... "(sung to na na na na, hey hey hey) "Yes, yes "yes"
    9. "Class, class, class, class, class) (sung to 'Shave and a haircut') class sings: "Yes, yes!" (two bits!)
    10. "Di-no-mite class!" "tick tick...BOOM! Yes?"
    11. (to the tune of Can't Touch This) "Clah-ah-ah-ass" "Ye-eh-eh-ess"
    12. (Addams Family song) "Cla-ah-ah-ass" (snap snap) "Ye-eh-eh-ess!" (snap snap)
    13. (When learning key words) "How many more, class?" "Subtraction, yes!" ("Altogether, class?" "Addition, yes!" etc.)
    14. "Class-a-ding-dong!" "Yes-a-ding-dong!"
    15. "What's today, class?" "Today is _______, yes!" (can repeat with 'what was yesterday, what's in a week, what's tomorrow, etc. to reinforce calendar skills.)

    Madeline Mahan